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LINSN has been one of the most popular control systems for full color, single color and double color LED displays. Their typical products are sending card: TS801/TS801D/SD801/SD801D/DS801/DS801D,TS802/TS802D/DS802/DS802D,TS901/SD901; sender box: TS851/TS851D,TS852/TS852D,SB-8 empty sending box; receiving card: RV801 series-RV801,RV801D,RV801F,LXY801,LXY801A, RV901 series-RV901,RV901H,RV90T,RV908 series-RV908,RV908H,RV908T, mini card series-RV902/RV902H,RV905H,RV907H, RV927,RV905K,RV925K,etc; other LED accessories: EX901/EX901D/EX902/EX902D multi-function cards, CN701 network repeater, EB701 sending card distributor hub box, MC801/SC801 optical fiber converters, control software-LED studio (V12.6, V12.9, V11.88, V12.43, V12.48), etc. As one of the biggest wholesalers for LINSN LED cards, we keep in stock for most of their hot selling products, which can be shipped out in 1~2 days and arrived at your address in 2~6 days by DHL or Fedex Express.