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NovaStar LED Controller

NovaStar (NOVA) is one of the leading control system suppliers for LED displays. Their product lines cover LED sending card MSD300/MSD600; LED receiving card MRV200, MRV210, MRV210-2, MRV220, MRV270, MRV300, MRV300-1, MRV320, MRV330, MRV330Q, MRV360, etc; MCTRL300/MCTRL500/MCTRL600/MCTRL610/MCTRL660 LED display controller; LED accessories: multi-function card MFN300, MON300 monitoring card, MTH310 thermal detector, NS048C Iight sensor, DIS-300 deconcentrator (sending card HUB distributor), CVT310/CVT32 fiber media converter; asynchronous LED card PCC80/PSD100/PSD100-WIFI, asynchronous controller box PBOX100; video processor NovaPro HD/V800/V900; mono/bi color USB card U16/U24/U48, mono/bi color serial card S32/S64,etc. Please contact us if the NOVA Star LED controller products, driver software and user manual that you want are not displayed on our website.