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LED Power Supply

Power Supply is an important part of LED display screen or LED Lighting. Its quality is highly taken into consideration. It should be able to work well in different environments. The popular brands that we supply for switching power supplies are Taiwan Meanwell, CZCL/Chuanglian, G-energy/JN, YHY, Powerld, Great Wall, Rong Electric, etc. There is manual or automatic control between 110V~220V, thick or slim design for their shape, CE/UL certified according to the specific needs such as slim one for rental LED panel and thick one for fixed installation cabinet. Those hot selling power supply models are Meanwell (NES-200-5,NES-350-5,SP-200-5,SP-320-5,LRS-320-5,LRS200-5,NEL-300-5,RSP320-5,etc); CZCL (A-200-5,A-200W-5,A-320-5V); YHY (YHP201A5,YHP301A5,YHP301AM5,YHP201AM5,YHP201A5-B,YHP301A5,etc); G-genergy (JN N300V5, JPS300V5,JN JPS300P,JPS200P,N200V5,etc); Powerled (VAT-H200(T2)-5-D,etc); Rong Electric (MA300SH,MDH200H,DP310H,DP400EPC series),etc. Please feel free to ask if the items you want are not available at our online store.