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LINSN MC100 LED Screen Master Controller HDMI Input

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  • Model: CLS-MC100-A1
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  • Manufactured by: Linsn

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LINSN MC100-A1 LED Screen Master Controller HDMI Output

MC100-A1 (MC100-A1S) is compatible with receiving cards made by Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight, etc. You can use this MC100 to run your LED screen without an extra sending card. You can also connect with one sending card made by Linsn, Novastar, Colorlight, etc, if you want a higher resolution.

Important notice: Before using the MC100 player for easily editing and playing programs, please prepare a sending card accordingly (LINSN TS802, Novastar MSD300, Colorlight, etc) or just a Gigabit Ethernet card to configure the LED screen--(sending configuration file and dipslay connection file). MC100 can not do the configuration itself. 


Built-in asynchronous sending card: 1280X720 (supports Linsn, Colorlight and Novastar LED receiving cards.)

Extended sending card: 1920X1080 (supports all synchronous LED control systems in the market.)

MC100-A1 LED screen master controller---perfect solution for asynchronous LED display control system.

1. High integration: controlling the LED screen without a computer connected.
2. It can upload the program for asynchronous operation.
3. Free Cabling: Using the existing wired network, WIFI network or U Disk to control the LED display.
4. Versatility: It can support the main led receiving card like Linsn RV801,RV901,RV908 Series.
5. Self-Maintenance: MC100 can detect the LED display gray in intelligence especially the indoor SMD LED module, it can make sure that the LED display modules work in a good condition.

MC100-A1 LED Master Controller Features:

MC100-A1 is a 
versatile display equipment, an integrated device of computer, sending card, video processor and multi-functional card, that supports asynchronous and synchronous modes, supports major LED receiving cards such as Linsn RV801,RV901 and RV908. It is the industry's first intelligent LED display network device that supports self-maintenance.

Transmission mode:

LAN cable, WIFI or U-Disk


Built-in high-speed storage 4GB, it can expand to 256GB or SATA hard drive 6TB (customized)


5V-12V wide input, built-in LED sending output


LAN network port /DVI output /stereo output /sensor interface

Relaying interface: HDMI output or AV output (optional)

Dimensions: 68mmX150mmX40mm

MC100-A1 Software---LED Program Editor:

MC100 LED program editor is simple to use, and it is a powerful and highly integrated software.
1.Intelligent memory management for the LED display screen's parameters
2.High performance network features and intelligent brightness control
3.Support regular broadcasting for specific programs, video source timing spots
4.Support content management
5.Single line of text, multiple lines of text ,Word and PowerPoint
6.Support background music in real time, weather forecast date and time (Gregorian lunar calendar)
8.Support video and graphics, video input has HDMI or AV.

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