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Linsn EB701 LED Distributor Sender Hub Box

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  • Model: CLS-Linsn-EB701
  • Shipping Weight: 3KG
  • 223 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Linsn

Linsn EB701 LED Distributor Sender Hub Box

Linsn EB701 has been replaced by EB901. We will ship EB901 if you place the order. It is compatible.


EB701 Sender Hub is specifically designed for multiple displays or large screen.

Box Size: 356mm*172mm*44.5mm
Power Supply: 100~240V 50~60Hz 0.6A
Light indicators: blinking green light for signal, red light for power 

EB701, the splitter has the following features:

1. To minimize signal delay or loosing problem caused by failure of  receiving cards or cables;
2. Easy to locate the faulty cabinets;
3. Keep other led display cabinets working while having maintenance with the defective cabinets.

Splitter works in two ways: 

1. One splitter-standalone: It can have one or two inputs (A/B or A&B ports).  
One output (U or D port) from sending card to splitter A/B port, can be divided into max 9 outputs (A1~A9);
Two inputs (U and D ports) from sending card to A and B ports, each input is divided into four outputs, that is A input is divided into A1, A2, A3, A4 outputs and B input is divided into B1, B2, B3 and B4 outputs. 

  2.  Two or more splitters work together. One output of sending card to A port of splitter, then splitter B port outputs to another splitter A port, Maximum eight splitters can work together.
On the display connection of LED studio:

 Main cable: select the output port of sending card.
      1 No. sender U cable means number one sending card, U port
      4 No. sender U cable means number four sending card, U port
      Four 802 sending cards can be cascaded with the switch on.
Extension cable: output number of splitter port.
      Under same Main, extension cable starts from 1, then 2, maximum to 9. 
      Under different Main, extension cable starts from 1 for each main, maximum to 4.
Order No.: receiving card order number.
Within same extension number, order number goes from 1, then 2 and continues to last number.
With different extension number, each order number starts from 1.

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By: Alex Bal Date Added: 01/25/2016 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Thanks a lot for the fast delivery of my order. Everything works well for our applications. Good job!
By: Sam Nazar Date Added: 11/02/2015 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Very good! Thank you for your help.
By: Rody Lima Date Added: 08/18/2015 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
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