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RV908M LINSN Small Pixel Pitch LED Receiver Card

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  • Model: CLS-Linsn-RV908M
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  • Manufactured by: Linsn

RV908M LINSN Small Pixel Pitch LED Receiver Card

LINSN RV908M (RV908M32) needs to be degraded via the software if you want it to work with RV908 or RV908H. The RV908M new card could be damaged if the signal is lost or the power is cut off during the degrading operation. We are not responsible for this case. So, please be very careful while doing it. Please buy RV908 or RV908H if this is troublesome for you.  Besides, the difference between RV908M and RV908H32/RV908H/RV908 is that there are no sensor ports for RV908M.

LINSN RV908M is designed for manufacturers with standardized products in free adapter board. RV908M is fully compatible with RV901 features, same size, equivalent to the RV901 plus HUB75 board (support 1/32 scan). Its specific features are as follows.
1. Onboard 12 HUB75 (support 32 sweeps) of the 16P interface, and a maximum of four Ethernet ports;

2. HDMI supports 12-bit color input (nine generations need to send a card with);

3. With 18 signal processor, maximum support each RGB 18 (260 000) gray;

4. Single-card maximum support 1024X768 pixels;

5. Single card maximum support 24 set of RGB data;

6. Support various decode mode decode 138, 595 serial decoding, etc;

7. Support single-card color space conversion, color-by-point correction, brightness correction point by point;

8. Supports high refresh while the high grayscale display;

9. supports universal driver chip, PWM drive the vast majority of chips;

10. supports dual hot backup receiver card for demanding performance screen;

11. Supports pixel fault detection (ASIC support required);

12. Supports profile readback;

13. Supports network cable BERT;

14. Supports cable fault detection;

15. RoHS compliance with EU standards;

16. Compliant with the EU standards CE-EMC Class B;
Compared with RV908T / RV908H, RV908M is geared with new addition signal E that can support up to 32 concurrent data sweep; also added a networking port, up to 4 Ethernet ports, enabling the two sets of cable, two network interface hot backup, the default factory are two Ethernet ports, if you need 4 network ports,it can be booked in advance.

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