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VSP516S RGBLink Video Processor

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  • Model: CLS-RGBLink-VSP516S
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  • Manufactured by: RGBlink

VSP516S RGBLink Video Processor

This VSP 516S upgraded version is a LED display video scanning converter and scaler. It has nine video and graphic inputs and five pairs of audio inputs. It accepts all video signals including RGB computer video, HDTV and standard definition video. It automatically detects input formats and converts input resolutions, as well as process synchronized audio and video. The upgraded version supports seamless switching, higher resolution and refresh rate features, meeting the demand for quality AV synchronization and application requirements. The original VSP 516S has been on the market for three years and the advancements in the upgraded version provide even more capabilities for the operator.


Audio input   5 channels on RCA connector
Scaled channel input  · Analog Input(6): computer video
VGA,video YPbPr (SD or HD), S-video or composite
video on conector BNC
· Input DVI(1): per SMPTE 625/25, compatible
with HDMI 1.3
Scaler input resolutions  ·PAL/NTSC; 480i,576i
·Computer resolution:
1024×768×60, 800×600×60,
·Resoluciones HDTV up to 720p, 1080i, [email protected]
Audio Output  1 canal en 1/4’’ connector
Digital Output  ·VGA en conectores de 15 clavijas
·DVI digital en conector DVI-I
Output Resolutions  ·Resoluciones de VGA (VESA)
800X600×60Hz 1024×768×60Hz,1280×1024×60Hz
·Resoluciones de DVI (VESA):
User Control   
Front Panel Control  LED panel, keyboard y LED lighted push button
Remote Control  The unit may be controlled from a computer or external controller through LAN (TCP/IP), serial RS-232 or USB.
   ·  Height:1.7" (4,4 cm)
·  Length:17" (43,0 cm) or 19" (48,3 cm)
·  Width: 11.9" (30.3 cm)
·  Weight:2,5 kg.
·  Shipping weight:4,5 kg.
Power  85-264V 2A IEC-3
Environment Temperature:0-40 grades C; Humidity: 10-90%
Warranty  One year

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