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Novastar MRV266 Small Pitch LED Receiver Card

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  • Model: CLS-Novastar-MRV266
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  • Manufactured by: NovaStar

Novastar MRV266 Small Pitch LED Receiver Card

MRV266 integrated with HUB320 is a small spacing LED display receiver card developed by Novarstar. The single card has a maximum loading of 512 *256 pixels.
Up to 24 groups of RGB parallel data are supported. With 6 HUB320 (26pin) interfaces, it has high stability and reliability, and is suitable for building in various environments.
The hardware design and software design of MRV266 fully consider the scenarios of user deployment, operation and maintenance, so that deployment is easier, operation is more stable and maintenance is more efficient.
Support point-by-point brightness correction.
Supporting fast light and dark line adjustment.
Support 3D function.
Support RGB Independent Gamma Regulation.
Support Mapping.
Supporting Receiving Card Preset Screen Settings.
Supporting temperature and voltage monitoring.
Support box LCD.
Support error code monitoring.
Support firmware program and configuration parameter read-back.
Support loop backup, dual backup of configuration parameters and dual backup of programs.

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