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NOVA MSD300 LED Video Panel Sending Card

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  • Model: CLS-NVS-MSD300
  • Shipping Weight: 1KG
  • 114 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: NovaStar

NOVA MSD300 LED Video Panel Sending Card

NOVA MSD300 is just another calling for Novastar MSD300. NOVA MSD300 sending card is currently one of the most widely used controllers for LED display application. 

Model: MSD300, MSD300-1, The model number is subject to change. It is fully compatible with the old version. Only it has no audio input.

Basic Details:

1. 1 DVI interface for video input.
2. USB interface for instruction communication.
3. Audio input interface integrated.
4. Resolutions supported: 1024×1200, 1280×1024, 1600×848, 1920×712, 2048×640.
5. New architecture enabling better performance, better reliability and easier integration;
6.16bits brightroma calibration for Arc shape and irregular shape LED display;
7. Comprehensive intelligent LED display status monitoring;
8. Low voltage power supply (3.3V);
9. Supporting almost all conventional resolutions and LED light driver chips.

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By: Greg Date Added: 11/02/2017 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Excellent service! Thanks again.
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Satisfied as always!
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I am very satisfied with the service. Thanks a lot.
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Perfecto. Gracias.
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Excellent! Thank you for your help.
By: Evandro Perez Date Added: 09/25/2015 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
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