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Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen-SMD VS DIP

Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen-SMD VS DIP

Full-color SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) technology has begun entering into the era of outdoor fixed LED display applications, and continued to rapidly expand the market scale. But there are still many questions asked by users: what is the difference between SMD and DIP outdoor full color displays? Which one is better? Today we make a simple comparison for your better understanding.

Outdoor SMD full-color display screen compared to the DIP (Dual In-line Package) products, can improve reliability and enhance productivity. More importantly, it reduces costs. In the past, the high cost of SMD was an important factor for why it could not replace the DIP. And in the early beginning of R&D, its low-brightness, waterproofing, moisture, anti-ultraviolet function could not meet the requirements for harsh outdoor environments. So, DIP had its total market for outdoor fixed applications while SMD could only be used indoors. With the advance in LED chip and packaging technology, SMD’s brightness and protection level has been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications. As to DIP, that is way better in this aspect.

Outdoor SMD is wide in viewing angle and has a good light distribution and light mixing, high contrast. Its viewing angle is more than 120 degrees vertically and horizontally. And it has consistent brightness at any angle and better color display. Furthermore, the design of the structure is 3 in 1, and SMD is small in size. So the emitting area is small, too, and black area is large, which can greatly improve contrast ratio for an LED display. It is perfect for close viewing because the three R G B chips are in close proximity.

In summary: full color SMD outdoor LED display is excellent in viewing angle, light distribution and color mixing effects, exquisite images. Its brightness is in a middle level for outdoor application. It is suitable for large-scale automated production. But its light decay rate is a bit higher than DIP. The ability to adapt to the harshest environments is also not as good as DIP (by adopting top quality LEDs, these are not a big issue nowadays.). In terms of surface-mount color reproduction, color consistency, uniformity, viewing angle, the overall effects on the display screen, LED replacement, these are the excellent features and advantages that DIP display can’t go beyond.

So, which one is better between SMD and DIP? Customers should consider the budget, the use of environmental requirements when purchasing an outdoor fixed LED display screen. Anyway, according to the market trend, the SMD LED display will be the best alternative for DIP in outdoor installation. This is more and more recognized by the industry. To overcome the technical difficulties has always been the competitive hot points for LED display enterprises.