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ZDEC ZQ-V8-TS01 Full Color LED Sending Board

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  • Model: CLS-ZQ-V8-TS01
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  • Manufactured by: Zdec

ZDEC ZQ-V8-TS01 Full Color LED Sending Board


The ZQ-V8-TS01 (VD3411) full color LED sending board is also called M81 M81GCA01 transmitter card or V8 sender board, which is compatible with all previous models. It has the same functions of old cards besides its new characteristics.

Performance Parameter:

Supports DVI, USB 2.0, 1000M output port 

When frame frequency is 60Hz, transmitter card can drive 1.31 million pixels;  for each port, dots are no more than 0.65 million pixels.

Max width≤2048, Max height≤1200

Request to both ports in use: U port up and D port down. When the frame frequency decreases, the transmitter card can load more pixels .

When frame frequency is 30Hz, LED dots ≤2.36 million pixels, each port dots ≤1.31 million dots

Supports LED Manager 2010 and LED Manager 2012 

Electronic Parameter:

Working Voltage:  5±0.5V  

Working Current: 2000mA  

Working Temperature: 0-60 degrees

Working Humidity: 5-95%

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