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Magnimage LED-780H 4K Video Processor

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  • Model: CLS-Magnimage-780H
  • Shipping Weight: 9KG
  • 25 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Magnimage

Magnimage LED-780H 4K Video Processor

Magnimage LED-780H integrates a variety of professional input interface, up to 4K x 2K/60Hz, with its high-quality images, point-to-point on-board resolution and flexible control methods, are widely used in multimedia conference rooms, multi-function halls, Theaters, studios, exhibition halls, etc.

The LED-780H series carry several times of the capacity of ordinary video processors, and supports EDID management and custom output resolution. The maximum single-output can reach 15360 pixels, and the refresh rate can reach 120Hz, which greatly improves the output bandwidth. The utilization rate. In addition to providing 16 kinds of fixed output resolution can be selected, and then according to the actual size of the LED display on the output image point by point scaling.

Complete video input interface, including: DV1x2, HDM1x2, DP x1 (supports 4K), SD1x1 (with loop-out), simultaneous expansion of 2K input sources (VGA, DVI, SDI selectable) or 4K input source (DP ) All the way, and supports network, USB and RS232 serial port control, easy to interconnect control with a variety of video equipment.

4 Independent Output
With maximum 8 inputs, it is able to control 4 screens of different input sources. You can also use it as an 8 in-4 out matrix. All the input sources can be switched to any output without black pause or signal pause.

Combined Display of Main Screen & Side Screen
If you have main screen and side screen, 780H is ideal for this application. You can splice
all of them to 1 picture, or set different input sources to each screen.

4 Screens Splicing in 1 Processor
LED-780 is designed for different splicing applications.
Multiple Cascade
Multi LED780H can be cascaded, using a master control, multiple cascade splicing, can realize ultra wide screen splicing display.
Output Monitoring
There are 2 ways for output monitoring. The first way is done by the machine’s software after
adding a IP output preview module. The second way is done through the Monitor DVI.

4 Layers Output in 1 Processor
In the one panel mode, each DVI output is able to display 4 independent pictures. Input signal,
size and position of these 4 pictures can be changed.

Rotary Output
The 4 program outputs of LED-780H can be spliced after rotating every 90 degrees independently. Based on the rotation, the images can also be up-and-down reversed or left-and-right reversed.

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