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Linsn L4 Dual Mode LED Wireless Player Box

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  • Model: CLS-Linsn-L4
  • Shipping Weight: 3.85KG
  • 300 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Linsn

Linsn L4 Dual Mode LED Wireless Player Box
Linsn L4 dual mode LED display wireless player box has synchronous and asynchronous broadcasting function. Its features are as follows:
1) Support 1.3 million pixels carrying capacity;
2) Dual-port output;
3) Support HDMI input and HDMI output;
4) Support asynchronous synchronous dual-mode function;
5) Support local U disk playing and LAN playing'
6) Support the import and broadcast of local U-disk programs;
7) Support multiple media formats, videos, pictures, animations, etc.
8) Support a variety of program content;
9) Full chip support;
10) Support full-color static to 32-scan, real/virtual pixels;
11) The gray scale can be set, and the maximum supported is 16 bits, 65536 grayscale;
12) refresh frequency: the scanning screen can reach 3840 Hz and the static screen can reach 6000 Hz;
13) Support brightness correction and chroma correction;
14) Support WIFI, 4G and Ethernet.

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