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Colorlight LEDShow T9 LED Display Control System Software

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  • Model: CLS-Colorlight-LEDShowT9
  • 10000 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Colorlight

 Colorlight LEDShow T9 LED Display Control System Software

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Brief Introduction:

LEDShowT9 is a software for the management and playing of LED large screen developed by our company. After absorbing the advantages of the last generation product, it is the second generation product developed by our company based on market demand. Make full use of graphics card and the computer to improve the effect significantly. Its effect is the best in the similar software. It also can realize the effect which is impossible to realize or need to cost a great deal in the past LED industry.


• Using the advanced processing engine to enhance the performance and speed greatly. The 1.6G device can control 1024*512 pixels. Picture special effect only occupies about 15% CPU. Video can realize picture in picture, etc special effect with Alpha transparence arithmetic.
• Can use gigabit switches to arbitrarily build network. Let the synchronous system work in current LAN and realize the network control. Realize one-multi or multi-one control method and player.




Media format

1、Video:Ordinary and HD video. Support any format video theoretically by installing the appropriate decoder. The recommended decoder for "ultimate decoder"


3、Text:RTF,TXT,Word and PPT

4、Sheet:Excel, user-defined sheet


6、User-defined input

7、Clock, countdown, notice, etc

8、External video, TV can choose the program

Preview function

Support program preview and arbitrarily dragging the video window.

Program play function

Support playback loop and timing play on a page of programs.Support inter-cut play, deleting the program when playing.



Special effect

1、Setting any transparency

2、Video and picture superposition

3、Up to 50 kinds of special effects on video,  picture, word, etc。3D special effects

4、Partition animation。4*4=16 parts of area in maximum 

Screen numbers

100 pieces in maximum, convention: 8 pieces


Hardware setting functions

1、Integrated smart setting. Rapidly load the existing display panel parameters, smart setting

2、Support the standard screen and complex screen setting

3、Can quickly set display properties, grayscale, etc parameters

Hardware needed

NIC, graphics card (integrated graphics card, independent graphics card)

Program-page and window  numbers


Background play

Support background play, multiple LED screens don’t cover each other. Arbitrarily dragging the play window to any position.





Timing table

1、Turn on power

2、Turn off power

3、Turn off computer

4、Open LED display

5、Close LED display

6、Restart the computer

7、Play program files

8、Stop playing

9、Adjust LED brightness



Other features

1、Remote operation

2、U disk Plug-and-Play

3、Start up/close the software at regular time

4、Control by remote

5、Automatic brightness adjustment

Software operating environment

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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