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Colorlight T9 Receiving Card,T9 LED Control Card

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Colorlight T9 Receiving Card,T9 LED Control Card-Description:

RT9 synchronous control system is the first LED synchronous control system in the world, developed by our company after several years of efforts. Broke the situation of controlling the LED screen through sending device and also successfully overcome many deficiencies of using LED sender. Leading technologies: Super-long screen control, which can’t be realized through the sending card. Synchronous program. Arbitrarily set frame rate of the program. If you have no longer seen the video on the computer with the decoder, you would know the technology of abandoning sending card in most cases.

Network interface

Exchange automatically, realize loopback automatically

Storage capacity

Standard 2Gbit

Point by point collection

Support multiple data formats. Support error data collected automatically by our CaliShow software. Using 25-bit color high-precision correction. Collection area controlled by single card: any size within 256*256 pixels(full color); 512*256 pixels(single/dual color)

Temperature detection

The accuracy may reach to 0.1℃.Temperature range is -40℃~125℃.

Expansion card


Every dual-mode card can be equipped with optional expansion card. Support temperature, humidity, smoke, noise, voice transmission and power detection. The relay controls air conditioning, fan and electromagnetic door of the box. Customers can also customize the function according to the need.


Gigabit network interface.100M network interface(optional)

Total control area


Read signals directly from internal storage or display memory. It has nothing to do with the display to control the size of the image, easy to extend your screen. A reticle and a computer can control a ultra-long, ultra-high screen. The pixel width or the pixel height reachs generally 8192. Easy to control hundreds of square meters large screen.

Operation steps

Operating LEDSHOWT9 can finish all the operation after connecting the reticle.

Refresh rate

60-20000Hz(automatically calculate )

Phase-locked loop frequency

Make adjustment automatically, not needing to get data through DVI and be restricted by display card.

Single card of control area


Each receiving card can control 640 * 256 in maximum when gray 4096, refresh rate 200 Hz. The various specifications module test shows that the control area is larger than 20% of the conventional system.

Gray-scale adjustment

Arbitrarily adjust within 65536 gray-scale .Default level is 4096.

Multi-screen synchronization

Working status between screens can be arbitrarily combined and switched

Color display

Easy to display 1,073,741,824 kinds of color or more color without being processing by the display card.

Smart setting

Complete intelligent. Smart setting more concise, all in one step. The position of receiving card can be arbitrarily listed.


The structure is simple and the stability is improved greatly.

Cost performance



The whole system is upgraded and its performance is extended with software being upgraded. Ensure that the LED display remains the most advanced technology. Ensure the best display.

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