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Zdec M62RCA01 LED Display Cable Main Receiver

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  • Model: CLS-Zdec-M62RCA01
  • Shipping Weight: 5KG
  • 20 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Zdec

Zdec M62RCA01 LED Display Cable Main Receiver

The Zdec main receiver is also called LED lighting system or LED display panel control system.  Kindly note that we sell the transmitter- M62TCA01 and receiver together as a set. We do not sell them separately. The price above is for a set (transmitter + receiver boxes).

Payment method: we only accept Western Union or Wire Transfer for this product.


1. When frame rate is 60Hz,  the maximum load capacity of  transmitting card is 1.31 million pixels (the maximum  output height is 1024 pixels  and the maximum output width is 1920 pixels). On this basic, it  also supports output images with custom resolution and custom display position.

2. The frame frequency will automatic reduce  when the output is  more than 131 million. (60Hz output frame rate is recommended)

3. LED Manager V6.2 is supported. It can achieve a variety  of functions cooperating with LED Manager V6.2.

4. Supports 100 level brightness adjustment and 16 levels chip brightness adjustment.

5. Each output port can customize the location and output resolution.

6. Supports the environment monitor  A52ED-02 / A52ED03.

7. Supports status report for Ethernet.

Working Specification:

Voltage range: AC, 100V - 220V
Current: 0.07 A
Power: 15W
Temperature: 0-85
Maximum transmission distances: 100 meters with using ultra-five UTP

LED Indicating Lamps:

POWER: If the green POWER indicator lamp always lights means power supply is turned on. If
it is dim,  means no power supply.

STATE: If the green STATE indicator  lamp flickers, means the receiving data has errors. If  it
is always bright,  means Receiver working normally.

ERROR: If the red ERROR  indicator lamp is dim,  means receiver working normally.If it
flickers, that means no receiving data.

Product Reviews

By: Jacky Lima Date Added: 06/21/2015 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
We thought the LED screen was finished because we were not able to buy the sender/receiver and the new scan boards to do the replacing. Now, things are back to normal. Thank you very much.