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VDWall LVP615S WiFi LED Video Prcoessor for Sale

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  • Model: CLS-Vdwall-LVP615S
  • Shipping Weight: 7KG
  • 348 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: VDWALL

VDWall LVP615S WiFi LED Video Prcoessor for Sale


1. The latest generation Faroudja® Real Color® true color image processing, 10 + Bit Faroudja® DCDI deinterlacing video processing, Faroudja® TureLife ™ video enhancement;

2. Seamless transitions, fade switch, switch integration;

3. Two kinds of source switching methods: a key switch and switching preselection + Take;

4. Three custom dual-screen mode, a key switch between modes, any picture in picture (PIP / PBP) display, AIAO (Any In Any Out) function, any interception of any output;

5. The same set of input signals hot backup function to ensure a more stable and reliable output;

6. Custom input DVI EDID, perfect realization point display;

7. Custom output resolution up to 3840 single horizontal pixels, vertical pixels up to 1920;

8. DVI Loop support for Apple PC, DVI Loop splicing infinite cascade synchronous drive unlimited LED dot matrix screen. Frame synchronization between the output image dislocation and delay;

9. A variety of control methods: wireless wifi, IP / LAN, panel buttons, infrared remote control, PC software, flexible and easy to operate;

10. 2 roads can configure an external stereo audio, plus a total of four HDMI and SDI audio channel audio Salvo;

11. Can be built two LED sending card (compatible kcal);

12. 24/7 applications, high reliability, stability.
Main Specifications:
Input: 2*Video / 1*Ypbpr / 2*VGA / 1*DP / 1*HDMI / 1*SDI
Output: 1*VGA / 2*DVI (1024*768_60HZ/75HZ / 1080*1920_60HZ / 1200*1600_60HZ / 2560*816_60HZ)
Size: 483*274*66.6mm

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