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How to Repair LED Display Screen Module?

How to Repair LED Display Screen Module?

Get ready for necessary tools: electronic screw drive ,multi-meter, tweezers, soldering machine, tin thread, silicon glue

Outdoor DIP LED lamp Replacement: 

1. Use screwdriver take out the mask screws.

2. Find out the defective LED lamp, test it by multi-meter, if there is no resistance, then the LED lamp is damaged.

3. Use tweezers to scoop the glue around this LED lamp, then use iron and tweezers to remove the damaged LED lamp.

4. Take one spare LED lamp, and test it by multi-meter, then cut the LED pins, keep the length with in 6 to 7mm, and solder it by iron.(please pay attention to the positive and negative poles, normally the longer pin is the positive pole, the square based hole on the PCB is the positive pole).

5. Add some silicon glue to seal up the LED pins , after the silicon glue is dried up, then put the the mask back.

Driver IC or SMD LED Lamp Replacement:

1. Add a little tin, then iron it around the SMD LED lamp or driver IC until it is melted away.

2. Use tweezers to remove the driver IC or SMD LED lamp.

3. Take one spare part IC driver or LED lamp, solder it with some tin and fix it on the PCB board by iron.