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Mooncell VCMA7-V10 Transmitter(Sending) Card, Mooncell LED Display Control System

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Mooncell VCMA7-V10 Transmitter(Sending) Card, Mooncell LED Display Control System

Mooncell VCMA7-V10 has been out of production. 


◆ Automatic communication detection: The system will automatically detect the new inserted receiving cards and in time update the drive file for the receiving card.
◆ Load area: A single sending card can totally load 1280X1024 and each network port can load 1280X512 pixels. Support maximum resolution 2048X1152 and the 10 bit video input. Two sending cards in series can load 2048X1280 pixels.
10 bit colors available: Standard system shows only 8 bit colors, ie 256X256X256=16777216 kinds, while this system can display 1024X1024X1024 =1073741824 kinds, 64 times the quantity of the standard system.
◆ Auto intelligent dual cable heat backup function: Single/dual card heat backup function. The two kilomega network (RJ45) ports can be used both as input and output pot. If one net cable fails, the other automatically replaces to control with the switch time is less than 0.1 second in which greatly guarantee the display normally work.
◆ Support hardware point by point correction and detection: Use with Shenzhen CAS.VU camera to correct the brightness and chroma point by point. Point by point detection completes with the use of constant current drive chip which takes the point by point detection function.
◆ Long transmission distance: The maximum transmission distance is 170m with the stable transmission distance of 140m(from the test data). 
◆ Multi-screen synchronized and combined function: The cabinets can be connected into different combination groups. Support one single sending card to control several screens whose working situation can be adjusted to any modes, synchronized display or independent display, meanwhile support one sending card to control cabinet modules with different specification. A single cascading network can support maximum 253 receiving cards. 
◆ Compatibility: M20 completely compatible with M10 sending card, more simple and convenient for the customers to use with revised shape, new functions and improved processing techniques. 
Display drive supportable: Support the drive chip((MBI5024、MBI5050)with PWM. The refresh rate generates from the drive chip in the constant current.
◆ Load area: Every sending card can load totally 1280X1024 pixels. A single net port loads 1280X512 with maximum supportable resolution 2048X1152. Two serial receiving cards can load 2048X1280 pixels while a single card can load 1200 in its maximum highness. 
◆ Gradual power on: When the screen switches on, the screen turns from darkness to brightness so as to lessen the instant power load.
◆ DVI double backup: When running the auto intelligent backup of double cables, if one receiving card’s DVI is suddenly without signal, anther receiving card’s DVI and network signal can simultaneously switch into the working signal.
◆ 3D stereotyped supportable; Red/blue or red/green 3D stereotyped images. Need to wear the particular 3D glasses.
◆ Working Voltage: 3.5V-6V
◆ Working Temperature: -20℃-65℃

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