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LINSN S100 Economic LED Video Processor

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  • Model: CLS-LINSN-S100
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5KG
  • 500 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Linsn

LINSN S100 Economic LED Video Processor Description:

LINSN S100 is an economic and practical LED display video processor. In the front section, the mature video control scheme is adopted, and 8-bit color processing is supported internally. The image is colorful and clear. The single processor has a maximum point-to-point load of 1080P, which supports custom resolution output. Double DVI output, can be connected to two sending cards cascade output. Applicable to shopping malls, hotels, exhibitions, and other small activities.

The price does not include the LINSN sending card. It is just for a basic video processor. 


1) Support input source one-key switching selection.
2) Support external independent audio.
3) Support USB playback function, more convenient to use.
4) Support full-screen zooming, point-to-point zooming, custom zooming, custom resolution output.
5) DVI with backup output (i.e. double identical DVI output), customers can choose.  Any manufacturer's sending card can be used.
6) Support the creation of user scenarios as templates, which can be directly invoked and manipulated after saving.
Convenient and fast.
7) After installing the Android Extension Board, when using Android to input and play, support
Use mouse control and mobile phone, Pad projection screen.

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