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Linsn RV801 (RV801D, RV801F)

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  • Model: CLS-Linsn-RV801
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  • Manufactured by: Linsn

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 Linsn RV801 (RV801D, RV801F)

We still have some RV801 receiving cards in stock!!!

Linsn RV801/RV801D/RV801F receiver card has been out of production. Please order models: RV901H or RV901TWe don't guarantee that either of them can work with your old cards perfectly. So, it is best to buy RV801 if you think this is troublesome. 

Kind reminder: All LINSN receiving cards must be configured with a RCG file. This file is provided by the supplier who sold you the LED screen. Please do NOT buy this card if you don't have this file, unless you know how to make the RCG file by yourself. We can send you a user manual for this. 

Function:Receiving signals from led sending card, then fed to the LED Display,If you want to play DVDs,live show videos,you can choose our led video processor to get a better image.


5-16V, 2A
RV801D works with all sending cards(TS801D, DS801, TS802, DS802).
One RV801D can max support 256 pixels height.
The max width one RV801 can support is depended on the setting of refresh rate, gray scale, and the scan clock of LED Panel Driver.
RV801D has 16 groups of RGB signal.
By using a Hub, RV801 feds the right signals to LED Display Moudle.

correction function:

By point correction support single point, 2X2 points, 4X4 points and 8X8 point four correction mode, the biggest calibration 6144 points/module, red, green, blue each level of 256;By card (cabinet) used to display the between the correction of off color correction, red, green, blue each level of 256.

Control area:

Full color 4096(4K) gray level 180HZ refresh rate,max controls 512*128,twice than the sixth generation product,full color static 16384(16k)gray level 300HZ,max controls 160*64(note:need driving board can be on high 30MHZ clock)

Double cable heat backup function:

The A and B two ports of receiving card can be used to input or output, can be used for two computers to control a screen at the same time, when one computer have problems, another one automatically replace it, also can be used for one computer with double cable control, when one cable have problems, another one automatically take it over, making the normal work of screen to get maximum security.

Many screens synchronization and composite function:

Support a piece of sending card controlling pieces screens, the working state of screens can be arbitrary combination, synchronous

display, independent broadcasting, can be through the shortcut key, fast switching.

256 level automatically brightness adjustment:

A level 256 automatic adjustment function make display brightness adjustment more effective.

Program online upgrade function:

If the screen receiving card program needs to be upgraded, need to open display power and update through the LED studio, no need to detach receiving card from the display.

Break the traditional ideas without dial code switch:

No dial code switch design, all Settings through the computer.

Test function:

Receiving card integration test function, need not take send card can test display, slash, gray, red, green, blue, and the light, etc many types test mode.

Long distance transmission:

Maximum transmission 170 meters (measured), ensure transmission 140 meters.

Supporting software:

LED studio 10.0

Product Reviews

By: Mario Bastos Date Added: 06/18/2015 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
The RV901H works just fine for my old screen with the RV801. Many Thanks...