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HD-SDI/SDI/3G Module for VDWall LVP605 Scaler

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  • Model: CLS-Vdwall-HD-SDI/SDI/3G
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  • Manufactured by: VDWALL

HD-SDI/SDI/3G Module for VDWall LVP605 Scaler


VDWall HD video scaler LVP605 series includes LVP605, LVP605S and LVP605D. The difference among three is the expansion, the expanding module (EXT.).  LVP605 is geared with different video extension modules. LVP605S is with SDI / HD-SDI module and LVP605D is with DVI / VGA / HDMI module. Users can use specific model according to their needs. What is more, they can also update their existing LVP605 into LVP605S.  Please contact us if you want the module for LVP605D. Upgrading steps are as following.

1.Hardware Installation:

Hardware modification steps:

1.the 8 screws fixed LVP605 remove;
2.the LVP605 inversion, easy to tear down the lid;
3.the video module is fixed screw LVP605 EXT. position to unload;
4.Fixed screw 4 unload module;
5 carefully by hand to pull the video module, do not force pull around;
6, 7.of the SDI (or DVI) module loading;
8 must be careful about good module pin and hole position (key), if not into, can loosen some of the SDI module on the BNC fixed 6 rhombus nuts;
9, 10.fixed module interface screw;
11.installed roof, complete hardware modification.

2.Software Installation:

Software configuration steps:

1 replace the extension module EXT., the normal state of LVP605 (non PIP state, non mosaic state mosaic). According to setup a,According to save (knob) into a single color, press the down arrow key will quickly to the menu 20.
2, 3, 20 of the menu, press the V1 button 5 times, and then press the up arrow key to 21, continue to press the up arrow button to turn 24
“EXT model VIDEO”
5, 6, 24 of the menu rotary knob until the emergence of “EXT model SDI” (DVI module is the “EXT model DVI”)
8.when the menu “EXT model SDI”, according to save (knob) can save the confirmation, the software settings modified successfully, again Press the setup key to exit the setup menu.

Now you can update the LVP605 to LVP605S/LVP605D, if you have LVP605, and want to update it,you can just buy the SDI or HDMI module to update it to LVP605S or LVP605D. For any further questions, please c contact us.

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By: Jacquiline TAN Date Added: 07/16/2014 Rating: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Just finished the installation, perfect! Thank you.