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DBstar DBS-HRV11S Receiving Card

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  • Model: CLS-DBS-HRV11S
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  • Manufactured by: Dbstar

DBstar DBS-HRV11S Receiving Card

Product Features:

1 using the latest V-PWM3 Puda patented technology;
(2) support comes PWM driver chip, the refresh rate significantly increased;
3 new gray engine, better performance of the low gray;
4 support Gigabit Ethernet transmission computer, without having to send the card;
5 supports 10bit playback of high-definition video sources;
6 support outside connections, make full use of 16 sets of RGB data output, a faster refresh rate;
7 shuffle gray vanishing techniques: the scanning screen blanking easier;
8 support brightness correction (16bit), chromaticity correction;
9 LED cabinet supports any number of columns;
10 opening screen fade protection, OE polarity protection scan screen toggle switch control line pipe;
11, operating voltage 2.5-12V DC.

Technical parameters:

1.Supported Screen Type: monochrome / color / full color real pixel / Virtual Pixel / RGBW / RGBY four primary colors;
 2. Support of the LED driver chips: Ordinary constant current source chip / MBI5028/5030/5036/5039/5041/5042/5224/5050 /6020/6030/6024 and LPD6803/DM13H/SUM2030/29/32/17/18/19 / MY9266/68/69/SM16157/TB62D722/TC62D722/TC62D776/RFT3630/SD16749/P2502
3.Single network cable cascade receiver card number from 1 to 255;
4.Receive cassette containing a single block of pixels Size: 256 * 128 (full color), 256 * 192 (full color plus expansion port);
5.Single receiving card RGB data groups: 16 to 24 group;
6. A group RGB Rows: Supports 1 to 32 or less arbitrary scanning;
7. Gray levels: 4096 (4K) ~ 65536 (64K);
8.Data clock frequency: 15.62MHZ ~ 31.25MHZ;
9.Refresh rate: 180HZ ~ 3600HZ;
10.PWM dimming series: 256 (can support brightness sensor automatically adjust the brightness);
11. Electrical current gain brightness adjustment series is 256;
 12. Pixel-based PWM brightness correction pixel area: 128 * 128 (16 color correction), 256 * 128 (16 brightness correction

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