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Createk CK4L3200S Video Processor, Seamless Three Windows LED Switcher

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  • Model: CLS-Createk CK4L3200S
  • Shipping Weight: 8.5KG
  • 125 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Createk

Createk CK4L3200S Video Processor, Seamless Three Windows LED Switcher-Description:

Createk CK4L3200S triple window image/video processor, a new generation of high-end image processor, which is designed for full-color LED display. This product adopts the most advanced image processing technology and integrates all the functions of video processors and seamless switcher. In addition, it adds the unique DNA (Digital Nature Acceleration) technology to reduce the grainy of the traditional full-color LED display and achieves an outstanding picture quality. CK4L3200S  allows users to display multi-format signals, and all the signals can achieve fade-in / fade-out switching. It also supports to open 3 windows simultaneously, subtitles and capture function.It is ideal for applications demanding triple windows display, and Fade in and Fade out switching. 

Main Features:

1. Supports  Analog and Digital inputs, 3x Composite video, 1xYPbPr(YCbCr), 1xVGA, 1xDVI, 1xHDMI, input sources

2. Supports SDI input and loop through

3. Triple Channel processing, Outputs: Scaled 3 windows, layout is flexibility at customer's different applications.

4. Unlimited Scaler, output resolutions ranging from 1024*768/60Hz to HDTV 2048*[email protected], including 1080P, 720P

5. Advanced video capture function, to unlimitedly capture any part of inputs video signal and display, and support fast switch between part and full image

6. Subbitle(test overlap), customized text overlap

7. Self-identification and self-adjustment:CK4L3200S is able to identify the resolution ratio and reflesh rate of all the input signal automatically. In addition, it can automatically adjust the VGA signals

8. Smart setting in output resolution: 25 kind of resolutions and refresh rate in total , the max resolution up to 2304*[email protected]

9. Cascaded mosaic function: By connecting the DVI loop-out, can cascade multiple units to achieve video wall function.

10. Brightness, contrast, saturation adjustable for any window

11. 16 memory presets for windows layout, brightness, contrast, saturation configurations

12. Custom configuration of memory preset cycle-play function, maximum 16 modes cycle play.

13. Advanced video capture function, to unlimitedly capture any part of inputs video signal and display, and support fast switch between part and full image

14. Built-in full function operating software with LCD indicator and front panel buttons, to show status, select input source, adjust image position, color, resolution, scene mode save/recall, VGA input auto-collecting,

15. Impacted case, available for containing two LED sending cards inside, support Dbstar  Linsn, Novastar sending card.

16. Standard packed advanced Createk owned PC software, adopt WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Perform, easy and friendly windows-operating interface

17. Controlled by front panel, RS232, IR remote controller and TCP/IP(optional)

18. Rack-mountable 1U, full rack width metal enclosure with included brackets

19. Internal universal power supply— The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Input signal:


3 x BNC


1 x VGA/RGB all-format signal


1 x DVI, compatible with HDMI


1 x HDMI ,compatible with DVI


1 xcomponent video



1 xSDI input, compatible with HD/SD-SDI

Output signal:

DVI loop

1 x DVI loop, VESA standard

SDI loop

1x SDI loop,


DVI1 output connect with sending card


One end connect with sending card,

or to VGA output for monitoring

Output resolution:

25 kinds of resolution:

1、1920×[email protected] Hz

2、1280×[email protected] Hz

3、1024×[email protected] Hz

4、1280×[email protected] Hz

5、1366×[email protected] Hz

6、1400×[email protected] Hz

7、1600×[email protected] Hz

8、1920×[email protected] Hz

9、640×[email protected] Hz

10、800×[email protected] Hz

11、2048×[email protected] Hz

12、1366×[email protected] Hz

13、1920×[email protected] Hz

14、1024×[email protected] Hz

15、1024×[email protected] Hz

16、1024×[email protected] Hz

17、1024×[email protected] Hz

18、1024×[email protected] Hz

19、1024×[email protected] Hz

20、1400×[email protected] Hz

21、1920×[email protected] Hz

22、2048×[email protected] Hz

23、2304×[email protected] Hz

24、2560×[email protected] Hz

25、1536×[email protected] Hz

Operation mode: Panel,RS-232,remotecontrol,network(optional)

Power supply: AC100-240V 15W 50/60 Hz

Operating temperature /humidity: -30°C-50 °C,  5-95%

Cabinet dimension: 1U 45mm(H)×400mm (W)×480 mm(L)

Weight: 4.5Kg (including accessories) 

Net weight: 2.6Kg 

Packing accessory List:

- Power cord (Europe, USA, Australia, UK, Japan standard)

- Control software in CD (with control software operation introduction)

- IR remote (battery included, uses CR2025 cell battery)

- RS232 cable

- User manual (English, Spanish)

- Sending card covering board

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