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Colorlight i6P LED Displays Receiver Card

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Colorlight i6P LED Displays Receiver Card

Colorlight i6P helps to greatly improve the display effect. It can support higher level of color input, higher gray level output, and more delicate images; better uniformity and more gorgeous color at low gray level; higher refresh rate, more stable screen are supported.


• More perfect display effect by adopting new processing core;
• high refresh rate, high gray scale and high brightness;
• Better detail processing: Partial dark at row, reddish at low gray, shadow problems can be solved;
• Support normal chip, PWM and lighting chip;
• Support smart module, save calibration coefficients and module parameters on module;
• Support any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan;
• Support various freeform display, spherical display, diamond display, creative display, etc;
• Supports brightness and chromaticity calibration;
• Support signal output for 16 groups of RGBR’ and 20 groups of RGB, 32 groups as extended; 
• Large load capacity of 256*256 pixels for each card;
• All components are dealt with face up configuration to reduce damage;
• Wide working voltage range with DC3.3 -6V or DC-3.3--6V;
• Support various freeform display, spherical display;diamond display, creative display, etc;
• Support signal output for 16 groups of RGBR’ and 24groups of RGB; 
• EMC optimized design, can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation;
• Superior versatile, supporting Gigabit Ethernet, T7H sending card, T7 sending card, Q7 HD transmitter, network   video system, etc, all conventional sending device.

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