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C&light A8 Dual Mode Data Control Card

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  • Model: CLS-ColorLight-A8
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  • Manufactured by: Colorlight

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C&light A8 Dual Mode Data Control Card-Description:

1. A dual function, each card comes with a large capacity memory, the recording function of a key. Available on-line synchronization can also be asynchronous use offline. The simultaneous use of time, if the interruption of the network line or computer failure, the real-time switch to the recording and broadcasting. Ensure that the display screens without interruption. With real-time clock, timed startup and shutdown, timed lock screen.

2. A more reasonable Gigabit transmission technology and ultra-low power chip, dual network ports any exchange order. Intelligent recognition input and output. Network line loopback function, cascade break detection and automatic loopback. Even if a disconnection between the card and the card does not affect the display. And a timely reminder of the disconnected position.

3. Point by point correction. The full-color single color you can use. The full-color single-card support 256 * 256 pixel correction, much larger than some manufacturers of a single card to support 64 * 48 of the correction area.

4. Each card comes with a temperature sensor. Accurately monitor the temperature of each box. And adjust the display according to set rules for intelligence. If you exceed the preset threshold, will be taken to limit brightness, and other means to protect the screen.

Expansion card support. Expansion cards with temperature, brightness, humidity, smoke, sound, relay control, fan, air conditioning with automatic temperature regulation. Also supports the cabinet power supply voltage detector, box electromagnetic door control, and customer customization features.

6. Presents a much more refined control. The effect is more outstanding.

7. An increase of dozens of self-test mode.

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