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What is the life time for a LED screen?

The life time for the LED screen is basically over 100,000 hours, but it depends how the client is taking care of his LED screen and how it is used. When a LED Screens´ life time gets to 100,000 hours, it means that the brightness of the LED lamps of the LED screen is about 50% off as compared to the original brightness depending on several factors that will enlarge a LED screen´s life time or reach 100,000 hours.

The most important factors are as follows:

- LED Chip Packaging

- LED Screen Temperature

- LED Screen Power Protection

- LED Screen Maintenance

LED Chip Packaging

The LED chip packaging material is also a very important factor that will determine the lifetime of a LED screen. For example iron has less life than cuprum LED packages. Besides, iron is more corrosive than cuprum.

LED Screen Temperature

The temperature of the LED screen is very important to keep it cool. In hot environments it is wise to install a cooling system inside the LED screen to avoid overheating.

LED Screen Power Protection

Electrical peaks can put more force on the electrical components which will decrease life time. It is wise to install a protection (voltage stabilizer) that can control the peaks.

LED Screen Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important factor. Dusty environments require more often maintenance to the LED screen than clean environments. The soldering of the LED chips can dry out and break which require changing often components such as LED modules and receiving cards.