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Why do we need to make a cooling system for the LED Screen?

For hot areas, it would be wisely to use a cooling system like an air conditioner to cool your LED display to minimize failures and expand its life time though it can work well under various weather conditions. An air conditioner is nowadays a not very expensive cooling system but can be costly on the power consumption of it. So, it is wisely to buy an energy-efficient air conditioner for your LED display without having troubles in the near future.

Use the details below to find the basic cooling capacity in Btu/h that you’ll need based on total LED display area to be cooled out.

The Basic Cooling Capacity by Total Area of the LED Display

Total Area of LED Screen      Basic Cooling Capacity

SQ.M     SQ. F                             BTU/H

9-14    1 00-150                           5000

14-23    150-250                         6000

23-28    250-300                          6500

28-33    300-350                        7250

33-38    350-400                        8000

38-41    400-450                        8750

41-46    450-500                        9650

46-51    500-550                       10500

51-65    550-700                       12500

65-93    700-1000                     15000

93-111   1000-1200                   17700

111-149   1200-1600                19000-24000

149-167   1600-1800                 24000-27000

167-260   1800-2800                 27000-33000

For a 22.6m² (240 sq. ft.) LED display, the basic cooling capacity will be 6000 Btu/h. If the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is more than 12,000 Btu/h, consider installing two smaller units. Otherwise, a single unit might require a larger amperage circuit (20–30 amperes) or a dedicated 240-volt circuit; Please consult with electricians for more information.